Still Got Game Men’s 30 and Older Basketball League Rules

    • You will play each team once in the regular season and playoffs are single elimination. All teams will participate in the playoffs. All games will be held on Sundays starting at noon. The Season schedule will be completed and emailed by the first game. All games will start on time. No exceptions. Please encourage your players to arrive 15 minutes prior to games. Prep time of 3 minutes will be granted to each team. If you do not have 4 players at the start of the game, each minute late the other team will be granted a point.
    • All pro rules: NBA regulations
    • The fee for each team is to be paid in full by the third game of the season. If fees are not paid by the set date, the team will be forfeited and players will not be credited for the game.
    • Each team must pay $55 per game referee fee per game. Ref fees will be collected at halftime. Please have cash for referee fees. Coaches are responsible for collecting ref fees for their respective teams. If a team forfeits, they must pay both teams ref fees ($110). Teams must call by 9:00am of game day if they have to forfeit.
    • Team rosters are set after 5th Each player has to play at least 3 regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs. All players must be 30 and older. Identification will be checked to match the roster. Coaches are responsible for ensuring their players are 30 and older. If a team has a player that is under 30 on the roster, the team will be terminated from the League. Every player must show a valid picture ID and sign a waiver to be eligible to play in the Still Got Game League. If a player gets injured during the season, an additional player can be added to the roster at the discretion of the coach. This addition must be approved by League administration.
    • League jerseys will be $10/a player and $12 for log included. All players must have a jersey to play in games. If a player/team loses a jersey, a replacement must be purchased
    • Tech fees are $25. All technical fouls for unsportsmanlike conduct must be paid before the player returns to the game. Coaches are responsible for ensuring that all tech fees are paid. Players who have the tech will not be allowed to play in the next game until the tech fee is paid. Fighting of any form is not tolerated and the players will be dismissed from the League until next season.
    • Each team will get 1 timeout per quarter except the last quarter you will receive 2 times out. There will be 9 minute quarters the clock will stop on the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter on dead balls and free throws. Overtime will be five minutes, if necessary repeated to two minutes. If you have 5 players and an individual fouls out, that player can continue to play, however every foul he commits it will be a technical foul and possession of the ball. If a team is leading by 20 points with two minutes remaining, the game will be called.
    • Coaches and Captains are only allowed to approach the score table. Players are encouraged to discuss issues/concerns/questions with referees and their respective coaches.